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What ring size are available?
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Ring Guide Chart

Beware! Always make sure your finger size before you place ring order. If you are not sure about your finger size, you can use our "Finger Sizer" chart for a guide. If buying for a friend, just ask him or her to do the step 1 and 2. Use a ruler to get the length over the phone. You can than use our "Ring Size Table" to find the relative size # match the length. If you do not find the size # match exactly the same as the length, always order one size up, so it will not get too small to wear.

Step1: Cut a straight strip of paper about the size of 3 inches (long)* 1/2 inch (wide).
Step2: Warp around your finger with this paper strip. Place a mark where the end meets the paper strip.
Step3: Place the mark on the "X" of this finger size chart just print out. Extend the paper strip, the "# "indicates at the end of the paper strip is the correct finger size.

Special Notes
Refer to our "Ring Size Table" for international size conversion chart for different sizing standard. 

Ring Size table :

Ring size (US)Ring inner diameter(mm)Measured circumference(mm)
    #6      16.5        (50-50.5)
    #7      17.3        (53-53.5)
    #8      18.2        (56-56.5)
    #9      18.9        (59-59.5)

What ring size are available?

in our warehouse , the available size of the ring is 6#, 7#, 8# and a few 9#.

How to choose ring size?

When you purchasing rings , you can go to "Shopping cart" page and add the size (ring : 6#(us) , 7#(us) , 8#(us)), other request info on the Remark Column.

Take following steps to update ring size : 
1) i want to order 6 pcs , you can write "2 /size 6#, 2 / size 7#, 2 / size 8#" in the remark column. 
2) click right "update" link to update. 

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