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1. Payment Methods
2.Bank transfer / Western Union fee
3. Can I pay by credit card if not a PayPal member?

1. Payment Methods

Payment methods available in teemtry.com include:
1) Direct Visa & MasterCard Credit Card   
2) PayPal
3) Bank to bank wire transfers
4) Western Union 
5) MoneyGram
6) Your Credit Balances

Your payment is secured with VeriSign SSL encryption, the highest commercially available encryption technology. Please be assured that your credit card details will not be exposed

Paying with PAYPAL
1.PayPal enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account.
2.When you select PayPal as the payment method, you go to the PayPal site, where you can send your payment.

Payment is sent directly from your bank to our merchants bank account in Hong Kong, please indicate the order number that you are paying for on the remittance slip. Below is the information you need for the transfer:   

Beneficiary :      Teemtry  (Hong Kong)  Co., Limited
Beneficiary Address : 

Flat / Rm A30, 9 / F,

 Silvercorp International Tower, 

707-713 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bank Name :   HSBC Hong Kong
Swift Code :   HSBCHKHHHKH
Bank Account :  801 246752 838 
Bank Address :  NO.1 Queen's Road Central , Hong Kong

 If you are in below country , you can send money transfer online via your Credit card. Send Money Online >> Countries : Australia,Austria,Belgium,Canada,France,Germany,Ireland,Italy,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom,United States

Beneficiary :     Teemtry  (Hong Kong)  Co., Limited
First Name :   Weizhe
Last Name (Surname) :Zou  
Country :       China 
Address :  Rm.1125,11/F,Building A Xijiao Plaza,2 Zhanqian Rd, GuangZhou, PR China
Postal Code : 510160
Telphone:(0086) 20-81174098

Paying with MONEYGRAM
How to send money via MoneyGram to us ? Click here to know

Beneficiary :     Teemtry  (Hong Kong)  Co., Limited
First Name :   Weizhe
Last Name (Surname) :Zou  
Country :       China 
Address :  Rm.1125,11/F,Building A Xijiao Plaza,2 Zhanqian Rd, GuangZhou, PR China
Postal Code : 510160
Telphone:(0086) 20-81174098

You can view your Credit Balances by login viennois-online.com and go to "checkout" page to confirm your payment.

2. Bank Transfer / Western Union FEE

No, there are not free.
You may have to pay a fee when the money is sent to our company by WESTERN UNION / BANK TRANSFER.

If you pay by BANK TRANSFER, please ask your bank to provide you with clear details so you can account for this fee when you pay. For example, if you are paying US$700, and the bank will charge US$30 to transfer, please submit for the transfer US$730. If you only submit US$700 then the payment that arrives with us (in this example) will only be US$480 and we won't be able to send your full order.

If you pay by WESTERN UNION, you need to go to an western union branch.Please also ask them to provide you clear details so you can account for the fee.Please submit the amount including transfer Fee.

3. Can I pay by credit card if not a PayPal member?

Yes you can. Paying by credit card is safe, easy and convenient at teemtry.com. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard payments from most locations worldwide.

 Using Your Credit Card
 1. On your Shopping Cart page, click Continue Checkout after reviewing your items.
 2. On the checkout page, under Payment Methods, select Credit Card or Paypal.
 3. After reviewing your payment details, click Place Your Order .
 4. When you omplete place your order and then you can payment via Credit Card or Paypal.
 All your credit card details are securely stored by AsiaPay . Paying by Credit Card through AsiaPay is a quick, secure, and convenient way to order from us.

Note: teemtry.com does not store or review your credit card or paypal , not our company & personal information. As such, should any issues arise regarding your credit card transaction, please contact your credit card company for assistance. we cannot accept any responsibility for any credit card payment issues.

  • eva xiao Australia
    It was easy to find the item I needed on the website, and delivery was handled very quickly. Nothing better than an easy online purchase!
    25 Jul
  • liao xiangsheng China
    This was a dimple and easy way to purchase stock for my online store. Thus is the first time I have used Teemtry jewelry so far it has been great.
    17 Jun
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