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Trust Factory Direct Pricing Guaranteed!

We operate a family-owned factory in Dong Guan, China and are joint venture partners in two other factories. Each of our factories specialize in a different product line, giving us expertise across many different types of product. For better quality and lowest price, We buy our own alloy and brass casting grains. We employ the polishers, stone setters, assembly line, and emphasize QA at each point in production. We control each process with extensive and time proven manufacturing rules.

At Teemtry we are fully committed to our customers and product. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards in customer service and producing the highest quality product at the lowest price. Our company is unique because we both manufacture and design our fashion jewelry products.Since we design and manufacture our products, it enables us to unceasingly strive to improve upon the quality of our product and the level of our customers’ satisfaction.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the fashion jewelry industry allows us to offer service that individually suits the business needs of our customers. With a full understanding of import, wholesale, and distribution, we are able to assist our customers in expanding their business. Consequently, we are continually cultivating better business and relationships with our customers.

We believe that: Teemtry's success comes from the client are achieved.We deeply know and understand as a supplier of the importance of product price, for every customers that hope to win, lower price means easy to win the  market".We realize how important it is to continue to offer the best service at the factory price. Teemtry would like to offer another outstanding offer to both our new and existing customers.

”ATTN: Lower Price Guarantee”. We manufacture a majority of our jewelry at a company owned factory in China and joint venture partners with two other factories. We stand behind our product because we make it ourselves. whatever do you want, We Our customer service will respond to you within 24 hours and provide the lower price to serve your future Purchasing.

  • eva xiao Australia
    It was easy to find the item I needed on the website, and delivery was handled very quickly. Nothing better than an easy online purchase!
    25 Jul
  • liao xiangsheng China
    This was a dimple and easy way to purchase stock for my online store. Thus is the first time I have used Teemtry jewelry so far it has been great.
    17 Jun
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