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* Create an Account

1. Create an Account
2. How to activate your account ?
3. Must activate the account ?

1. Create an Account

On,users from the entire world can register as customer.
After you complete and submit the registration form and activate your account,the registration is successfully completed.
As a customer you can search for products,view wholesale price and also to place an order with our company.

Take following steps to create an account:

1. Click 'Sign In’ on the top of pages to begin registration.
2 . Complete the registration form.
3 . Click “Sign In”.
4. We sends an email to your registered email box.
5 . Activate your account with active URL provided in your email.
6 . Registration finished.

2. How to activate your account ?

In about 1-2 minutes after you have registered, our system will send you an email with the link to activate your account. You can either
click the URL or copy and paste the address into your browser address bar to open the link.

3. Must activate the account ?

Yes, you must activate your account.
only an activated account will be able to receive mails from our company on your payment
shipment receipt confirmation, password retrieving etc. 

  • eva xiao Australia
    It was easy to find the item I needed on the website, and delivery was handled very quickly. Nothing better than an easy online purchase!
    25 Jul
  • liao xiangsheng China
    This was a dimple and easy way to purchase stock for my online store. Thus is the first time I have used Teemtry jewelry so far it has been great.
    17 Jun
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